Team Managers Bugle

Tuesday 11th July 2017 4:46 pm
Match Reports

It was a case of "some you win, some you lose " with our two sides in the Cox Cup. I was at Canterbury last night to watch a comfortable 18 - 6 victory for Grant Allen's rink of Terry Kelly, Shaun Woodford and Paul Woodford. 3 - 4 down after 5 ends when the news came through from Spencer Road that the home side of Dave Mason, Scott Whiting, Ian Robb and Joe Kelly were leading 10 shots to 1. This had a sudden effect on the side who only dropped 2 shots in the next 11 ends ending up victors by 18 shots to 6. Hearing the score of 25 - 7 after 16 ends to Joe's side Canterbury decided to call it a day.

I managed to get back to Herne Bay in time to see the final ends of our 'C' side bowing out to Folkestone Town. Although not in a position to give a first-hand view of the proceedings at home or away I was assured that " lady luck", "good fortune" etc, etc did not favour our lads. In conclusion though my congratulations do go out to the two rinks consisting of Dave Nash, Len Brown, Alf Collar, Brian Gisby, Richie Callanan, Roy Chillingworth, Dave Knight and Bob Simcock. Well done gents you certainly put up an excellent show and showed there is a strength of depth at "The Bay"

The team and myself would like to thank Christine & Marianne for the food, Eddie the super sub (have The Bay ever had a better sub), and all the supporters who cheered the lads on.

Next up for our remaining side is Folkestone Park at 6pm next Monday 17 July.

Tony Bishop

Team Manager