Team Managers Bugle

Friday 6th May 2016 8:51 am
Match Reports

A disappointing result tonight at Dane Park in the early round of the EBA Douible Fours. Whilst we had one winning rink of Dave Knight, Richie Callanan, Dave Nash and Alf Collar, the margin was not quite enough to make up the deficit. From an spectators view the green appeared exceptionally heavy which the Dane Park lead exploited to to the full. Once bowls were in the head it was not the green to be able to play shots on. However my congratulations go to Alf & his team on a well fought victory. On behalf of the team & myself I would like to thank, Lyn, Mo, Joyce,Paul & my two fellow selectors Bill & Robbie for their attendance & support. 

Next Friday 13 May at 6pm The Bay will be entertaining Hythe in the EBA  Top Club  (singles, 2 wood, pairs, triples & fours). The team & myself would appreciate any support so if your at a loose end and Coronation Street isn't riveting come along and give the lads a cheer and perhaps a little touch of the amber nectar.

Tony Bishop
Team Manager