Team Managers Bugle

Monday 3rd July 2017 9:41 am
Match Reports

When a club is strong enough to enter 3 separate sides in the Cox Cup it is inevitable that at some stage two of those sides will meet. It so happened this year as early as the 1st round. Last night Herne Bay 'B' met Herne Bay 'C'.  I will allow others to ponder on how the make up the sides were selected. Suffice to say that Bob Simcock's rink was selected as a whole on their efforts in the County Fours. When two sides do meet we are guaranteed that one will succeed whilst the other will be eliminated. My congratulations on a splendid win by 49 shots to 32 go to Dave Nash, Len Brown, Alf Collar and Brian Gisby (20 - 15)  and Richie Callanan, Roy Chillingworth, Dave Knight and Bob Simcock ( 29 - 17). Well done gents  - now for Folkestone on 10 July. With regards to Herne Bay 'B' - I think we can put this one down to "A bad day at the office". 

 Also on 10 July our 'A' side will be playing Canterbury, both starting at 6pm.  For those not familiar  with the Cox Cup format one rink play at home and and one rink play away.  The total scores of both games decide who goes forward into the next round.

I would like to thank Joyce for covering the bar allowing Roy & Alf tp play in the game. Jim Colvill, Ray Chipperfield and Bill Gibbon who attended as reserves (sorry gents I should thanked  you personally at the time). Plus all the  supporters who attended, I'm certain you saw a very entertaining game from both sides.

Tony Bishop

Team Manager