Finals Weekend Results

Monday 9th September 2013 2:53 pm

The Annual Herne Bay Club Finals Weekend was held on 7th/8th September, overall a great success thank you to everyone for your support. Pictures of all the finalists can be found here and all results can be found below.

Evening Triples:
Winners - Bob Baldwin, Robbie Irons, John Rawlings, John Phillips, Paul Bryson, Mick Lockwood and Brian Dennis.

Mixed Triples:
Runners up - Ted Miltons Team: Brian Gisby, Alf Collar and Marian Algar
Winners - Dave Mason, Steve Brown & Anita Harding

Ladies Drawn Pairs:
Runners up - Dawn Harris & Rosemary McCarthy

Winners - Rose Pennial & Anne Burt

Mens Handicap Pairs:
Runners up - Stan Miller & Andy Cattanach
Winners - Ray Elsden & Brian Dennis

Mixed Pairs:
Runners up - Dawn Harris & Bill Robb
Winners - Joyce Whitlock & Tony Bishop

Over 65's Singles:
Runner up - Richard Remmington
Winner - Brian Dennis

Ladies 2 Wood:
Runner up - Ellen Foster
Winner - Ronnie Phillips

Mens 2 Wood
Runner up - Steve Brown
Winner - Brian Dennis

Ladies 10 Point Singles:
Runner up - Barbara Morris
Winner - Anita Harding

Mens 10 Point:
Runner up - Brian Gisby
Winner - Bill Robb

Ladies Gardner Cup:
Runner up - Anita Harding
Winner - Diane Melford

Mens Parkstone:
Runner up - Terry Kelly
Winner - Bill Gibbon

Ladies Championship Pairs:
Runners up - Joyce Whitlock & Dawn Harris
Winners - Barbara Morris & Anita Harding

Mens Championship Pairs:
Runners up - Steve Brown & Gordon Kent
Winners - Bill Robb & Eddie Allen

Ladies Handicap Singles:
Runner up - Jan Remmington
Winner - Ellen Foster

Mens Handicap Singles:
Runner up - Tony Rowson
Winner - Brian Dennis

Ladies Championship Singles:
Runner up - Anita Harding
Winner - Ellen Foster

Mens Championship Singles:
Runner up - Steve Brown
Winner - Eddie Allen