Team Manager's Bugle

Monday 2nd July 2018 9:57 am
Match Reports, Men's

The Bay eased themselves into Round 5 of the English Bowling Association Double 4's at Spenser Road this morning. After 5 ends we lead Ramsgate by a combined score of 17 shots to 2. From that point onwards, the result never appeared in doubt. Ramsgate eventually conceding defeat after both rinks had played 14 ends. The rink of Terry Kelly, Shaun Woolford, Ian Robb and Joe Kelly winning 20 - 7 and the rink of Dave Mason, Scott Whiting, Eddie Allen and Grant Allen winning 26 - 6. A special thank you from the team and myself go to Lyn & John Phillips for giving up their Saturday morning and ensuring we were well fed and watered. Plus, John turning the green twice just for our pleasure.

Round 5 will see us visiting Birchington or Sandwich who play off Sunday morning. 

Tony Bishop
Team Manager