Team Managers Bugle

Tuesday 30th June 2015 3:19 pm
Match Reports

A lovely Sunday morning produce a well earned victory for the only (we have 3) side to be obliged to play in the Preliminary Round of the Cox Cup, against Hythe Bowling Club. I was fortunate enough to witness an excellent 24 - 11 win by Dave Knight, Stuart Emmert, John Melfort and Jim Watson. All the players played their part in a fine display that apart from the 1st and 13th ends saw them always ahead. Due to the away rink of Roy Chillingworth, Mike Ward, Tony Rowson & skip Alf Collar winning 19 - 15 prior to the completion of the home game, it was only necessary for 20 ends being played. The team & myself would like to thank Bill, Bob & Maureen Day, Angie, Joyce & Bob Simcock for their support. The same side now plays home & away v Sellinge Bowls Club on Monday 6 July at 6pm.

As regards Buttons the cat. On arrival home my enthusiasm was not matched by the family pet. From a curled up position on the sofa, the head was raised slightly, one eye was opened and promptly closed with the furry head then returning to its previous position. the room the filling very quickly with  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Whilst not in my remit I would like to wish the best of good fortune to Terry Kelly, Scott Whiting, Brian Dennis, Ian Robb & Dave Mason who all play this coming week in the Divisional Finals.

Tony Bishop