Team Managers Bugle

Tuesday 25th July 2017 12:13 pm
Match Reports

Phew, that was a bit close.

Before some bright spark invented the mobile phone it was sometimes very difficult and in some cases impossible to get information on how the other side was progressing or otherwise in the Cox Cup. If the two clubs had phones  one had to rely on somebody (if available ) to answer it, or if playing a club who's home was in a park for example - no phone, no chance. I have even known teams no knowing till the following day as to whether or not they had won a Cox Cup game. No chance of that last night in our fixture against Ashford Rail. I can only relay my experiences from the away leg but am certain that the tension was equal in Spencer Road. The home leg of Dave Mason, Scott Whiting, Ian Robb and Joe Kelly started fractionally before the away leg so the first news filtered through was that they were losing 3 - 6 after 6 ends. The away rink of Terry Kelly, Shaun & Paul Woolford with Grant Allen skipping were drawing 5 - 5. Next a message from home "Disaster 4 - 14 down after 10 ends". Away we were level at 10 all. At 15 ends 11 shots down at home 2 shots up away.  The home side start coming back and scored 5 shots and dropped 1 in the next 5 ends. 14 - 21(7 shots)  down at 20 ends. Away at 20 ends we are leading by 1 shot which made an overall deficit of 6 shots with 1 end to play by each side. A phone call from Bill Robb "We took a 4 on the last end you only need 2 to draw & we play the extra end".  Another phone call from Joe Kelly "Were playing the extra end I'm just about to bowl whats the position?" "From what I can see Joe we're 2 up and their skip is about to bowl. He's on the mat, the bowls on its way, it's into the head. Oh ***********, I think he's drawn second bowl". Somehow Ian Robb is on the Phone "Whats happening?"" I think we are 1 up Grant is just about to bowl, its on its way, he's into the head, the bowls scatter, the jack flies out of the head some 3 feet, I think we've got 4" "Are you sure?" "No it just looks like it from where I'm standing" 4 shots to Herne Bay is signalled from the head which signalled mass celebration on the side of the green between the Team Manager and the travelling Woolford Clan. An excellent game, where, reflecting the following day neither side deserved to be defeated.

So to the the Divisional Semi Final where next Monday we will play the winners of New Romney and 


Tony Bishop

An exhausted Team Manager