Final Team Managers Bugle

Wednesday 22nd July 2015 1:41 pm
Match Reports

So to my final 'Bugle' of the 2015 season which had to end either in  "Magnificent Glory" or as in this case "Heartbreak Defeat". Last Monday saw our final Cox Cup side lose a very close game by 3 shots to a Canterbury side who now play their other rink in the area final. After 18 ends we were in actual fact ahead overall, but unfortunately the gods were smiling a little to the west of Herne Bay and the rest becomes history. The rinks of Ray Chipperfield, Mike Trotter, Bob Day and Brian Gisby - Peter Nolan, Ray Day, Bob Sincock and Steve Brown did the club proud and having spoken to several of the players and seen the look of despair and concern even a day after says it all.

My grateful thanks go to all the players who have represented the club on my selection and those who have attended in a reserve capacity.To all those who have supported the club from the sidelines.  All the ladies who have provided the teams meals - superb, Mike Ward, Bill Robb and Robbie Irons who have all given of their time and efforts as my unheralded "Cabinet Ministers" - Thank you .

It is well known that I was against having 3 teams in the Cox Cup. However, having seen the commitment and efforts shown  I will be recommending to the necessary parties involved  that 3 teams again represent Herne Bay in the 2016 Cox Cup season.

Buttons can now go back to what she does best - sleeping. No more peering around the corner to see what mood her master (I kid myself - this household is run by 4 legs, a tail & 2 furry ears) is in.

Tony Bishop

Team Manager