Team Manager's Bugle

Wednesday 20th July 2016 11:42 am
Match Reports

We read in the papers when Manchester United/ Chelsea etc  win in unspectacular fashion the old adage comes out "They did not play at their best - but still won". I think this reflects what happened on Monday evening against Canterbury. Whilst I was watching the away fixture our home side suffered a one shot defeat. I heard several explanations but at the end of the day the lads stuck to it and got what must be considered a reasonable result in the circumstances. Our away side of Bob Baldwin, Shaun Woodford, Paul Woodford and Eddie Allen ground out a  25 - 13 win which on the surface appears very comfortable but in reality certainly was not. On a very fast green which initially suited the hosts it took some time for our lads to master the conditions. Trailing for most of the game experience and ability finally came in to acquire the victory.

This victory sees us march into the next round against (as yet) unknown opponents. Regretfully the Kent website appears to be a little bit tired so we await our opponents. One thing is certain on Monday 25 July at 6pm one rink will be at Herne Bay. As soon as information is received the "Bugle" will be blown again with full details.

Tony Bishop

Team Manager