Team Managers Bugle

Tuesday 18th July 2017 3:21 pm
Match Reports

The "Bay" are on the quick march again. Last nights 3rd round tussle against Folkestone Park saw us advance to the 4th round. Taking my seat at the end of rink 3, I witnessed what one can only describe as a weird phenomenon. After 5 ends the rink of Terry Kelly, Shaun Woolford, Paul Woolford and Grant Allen were involved in a very tight struggle with the score at 3 - 3. The news filtered through from Spencer Road that the home rink of Dave Mason, Scott Whiting, Ian Robb and super sub Eddie Allen were leading 8 - 2 also after 5 ends. At 10 ends with our away side holding a narrow lead of 8 - 6 the devastating news from Spencer Road crept in "The Bay were leading 22 - 5". Suddenly it was if a bolt of lightening had hit the coastal port. Gone was the skillful arts of Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney and Denis Law style bowls to be replaced by the cast of "Last of the Summer Wine". The match was over as a spectacle as Clegg, Compo and Foggy took to the field. Please dear reader do not take this as a criticism of the play I was watching, it was the only way I can describe the change of atmosphere in one end of what was a close game of bowls. On the conclusion of the 15th end the Folkestone skip decided he was unfit to continue playing due to illness so the game conclude with "The Bay" leading 12 - 8. The home side romped home by 30 - 7. We retired to the bar were we were very well fed on burgers and chips. The talk around the table was not on the saving shot that saved a 6 or 7, nor the "drawing" shot that trails the jack 8 yards, but the 1st episode of Game of Thrones, the first female Dr. Who and risque programs on channel 4. An unusual end to a "different" game of bowls.

 This sets us up next Monday against the winners of Ashford Rail and Hythe. 

Tony Bishop

Team Manager