Team Managers Bugle

Friday 10th July 2015 7:41 am
Match Reports

Apologies for a late Bugle but the bugler had a job finding his mouthpiece. A bit of good, bad with a touch of ugly in the Cox Cup results. Excellent and apparently superb efforts resulted in wins for Herne Bay 'A' v Sellindge  and Herne Bay 'B' v Lyminge. The 'B' side of Ray Chipperfield, Mike Trotter, Bob Day and Brian Gisby eased to  a home win of 28 - 14 whilst the away side of  Peter Nolan, Ray Day, Bob Simcock and Stevie Brown did the job away (sorry I haven't seen the card for the result). Herne Bay 'A' achieved a great result with Dave Knight , Stewart Emert, John Melford and Jim Watson winning 22 - 19 at home whilst the away rink of Roy Chillingworth, Mike Ward, Tony Rowson and The ex Bar Manager himself - Mr Alf Collar winning by 15 -12. They were then rewarded by being told "sorry lads no food and no bar". I somehow think a speedy return to "The Bay" with a win in their pockets made up for the lack of good fare. As for the bad with a touch of ugly was the one disappointment of the night. The 'C' side going out of the competition at the first hurdle to Folkestone Town. Our home rink scrapped home by 4 shots although most onlookers agreed that the "lap of the gods " did favour our guests on several occasions and the win should have been by a greater margin. Whilst away on a "sporting" surface our lads kept into the game until the last end with our home side having completed their game and the total scores level. We held shot with 3 bowls remaining. The opposing skip used weight and clipped the jack to the side where it could have gone anywhere. Once again the "lap of the gods" (where have I heard that before) favoured our opponents and the rest becomes history.

The Buttons story this week takes on a different slant. Several weeks ago our "Man of the Moment" Terry Kelly came to my house. Now Buttons who does not take to strangers, immediately jumped up and parked herself on Terry's lap for the duration of his visit. So on returning home after his excellent win in the County Divisionals I had to tell the curled up and sleeping feline the result . She lifted her head and gave a look that only cats can give that said "Well I expected nothing else". She then put her head back down to return her sleep. Sorry Brian I didn't dare tell  her of your win. 

Tony Bishop

Team Manager

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The Cox Cup continues next Monday at 6pm  with home and away fixtures against Canterbery and the Folkestone Town side who achieved a close victory against us last week. All supporters are most welcome and are assured of a full evenings entertainment. Plus anybody in the Canterbury and Sports Ground, Cheriton Road , Folkestone, CT19 5JU areas will be able to cheer the lads on in their respective away games.