Team Manager's Bugle

Tuesday 9th August 2016 8:54 pm
Match Reports

For the first time I am at a complete loss as to where I should start on the saga that unfurled last night at Victoria Park in the Cox Cup against St. Lawrence. I did state to Bill Robb that I would be contacting him to ensure I got everything in the correct order. A delayed start saw Dave Mason, Shaun Woodford and Eddie Allen open proceedings on Rink 1 (a County Divisional Final on an outside rink?) and Terry Kelly, Scott Whiting, Ian Robb and Joe Kelly on rink 3. The first 19 ends saw each side edge slightly ahead in turn although at one stage "The Bay" actually lead by 10 overall. The 20th end saw the tie level and the skies black, it was 9.10pm. Eddies rink lead by 9, Joes trailed by 9. A firm bowl by the St Lawrence skip saw the advantage switch from "The Bay" to the opposition where they held several shots and the jack in the ditch. Joe drew close - enough for a measure. 1 shot and advantage to St Lawrence after an umpires measure. on rink 1 "The Bay" held several - the opposing skip fires-  the jack shoots to the left - The umpire is called. With St Lawrence holding 4 shots a string is called for to determine whether or not the jack is in or out. The umpire cannot see from the end of the rink - he has to follow the string along the edge of the green. Umpires decision - its out "The Bay" breath again. Spectators sit back on their seats as the end begins again. "The Bay" win the end by 1 so an extra end is played by both rinks. Joes rink are down until he draws shot - "The Bay" win the end by 1 shot. Rink 1 is still going, the houses at the end of the green have disappeared in the darkness, it is 9.20pm. Shaun draws shot and the sees the opposition clip his second bowl in for 2 shots to "The Bay". Try as they might St Lawrence cannot get close so we win by 3 shots on the extra end.

The team and myself would like to thank, Bill Robb, John & Lyn Philips, Alan Jordon, Maureen & Joyce, Bob & Pat Baldwin (especially Bob-  but for 5 minutes) , Carol & Graeme Allen and Ray Chipperfield for your wonderful support- you pulled us over the line. 

Next Sunday 14th August at 10am sees us in the Semi Final of the Cox Cup at Met Police Hayes Bowls Club-  The Final will be played in the afternoon.

Tony Bishop

Team Manager