Strange Twist of Fate

Tuesday 24th July 2018 6:48 pm
Match Reports, Men's

First an apology for the lack of bugle last week. Having arrived late back from Lenham and off early the following morning to Gravesend and then immediately off to Faversham for a FOB game it completely went out of my mind. Or in other words I lost the mouthpiece, so I couldn't blow the thing or get a note out of it. Suffice to say two of our sides suffered defeats to Lenham and Lyminge whilst our other team consisting of Bill Gibbon, Peter Gibson (in for the unavailable Tony Knibbs), Gordon Kent and Bob Day, and Ritchie Callanan, Roy Chillingworth, Ray Chipperfield (in for the unavailable Paul Evans), and Alf Collar completed a fine win over a very strong Ashford Rail side.

By a strange twist of fate our conquering heroes found themselves up against the same Lenham side who disposed of one of our sides the previous week, and what a performance they put up. The only changes to the sides were Tony Knibbs returning in place of Peter Gibson. Although things became a little close towards the end "The Bay" were never behind. 12 up overall after 5 ends and 15 up after 10 set the pace for what looked like an easy win. Lenham fought back to cut the deficit to 9 at 15 ends. By dropping a 7 at home on the 18th and a 3 away on the same end suddenly it was game on. I was told that the final ends at Spenser Road had a vast crowd biting their fingernails as the end approached. The home rink of Bill Gibbon, Tony Knibbs, Gordon Kent and Bob Day took a 4 on the last end to win by 20 - 16 whilst our away rink took a single to turn out worthy winners 23 - 21. The President and I send our congratulations to a fine result to keep the Herne Bay flag flying in the Cox Cup.

Next Monday (30th July) we find ourselves playing Canterbury in the Area Semi-Final.

Tony Bishop
Team Manager