Match Report - w/e 12/06

Monday 13th June 2016 10:05 am
Match Reports

In the National Top Club competition Herne Bay men progressed to the 3rd Round with a 4 - 1 win over Deal. Bay won the 2 wood singles, singles, triples and fours, their only loss being in the pairs. Bay now play at home to Canterbury in the next round.

In the East Kent mixed triples league Bay won 5 of the 6 triples played against Canterbury giving them 7 of the 8 available points.

Herne Bay 124 Canterbury 86 ( East Kent Mixed Triples league) Ted Milton, Eunice Holder,  Bob Simcock 17-12. Colin Tobutt, Jan Remmington, Ray Day 18-8 Dawn Harris, John Phillips, Jim Watson 20-21 Linda Charlesworth, Colin Hadlow, Jim Covill 25 -18  Marian Algar, Paul Evans, Brian Dennis 19-14 Joyce Whitlock, David Knight, Brian Gisby 25-13

Herne Bay135 VCD (retired) 108 (mixed match) Bruce Clayton, Paul Green, Marianne Offer, Linda Charlesworth  15-18 Cliff Cheeseman, Sue Grogan , Dawn Harris, Stuart Emert 24-8 Diane Wiltshire, Linda Cheeseman, Martin Maguire, Tony  Rowson 19-16  Pat Baldwin, Paul Reddock, Sheila McDowell , John Toms 14-19 Derek Lucas, Anne-Marie Bombone, Eunice Holder, Brian Dennis 21-22 John Dryland, Sam Hardy, Richie Callanan, Steve Caruth 24-14 Marian Algar, David Brice, John Grogan, Jim  Covill 18-11

Herne Bay 117 Thanet 136 (mixed match)

Jan Starkey, George Johnson, Bob Day 19-10 Anne-Marie Bombone, Vicky Lewis, Jim Covill 14-19 Sue Grogan, John Grogan, John Toms 6-21  Val Miller, David Brice, Stuart Emert 22-14 Diane Wiltshire , Roy Chillingworth, Jim Watson 17-14 Lyn Riches, Danny Keleghar, Jeff  Graham 16-12 Maureen Tobutt, John Offer, Terry Taunton 12-15 Jeanette O'Brien, Mike Head, Paul Evans 11-21.