Match Report w/e 07/06

Wednesday 10th June 2015 1:15 pm
Match Reports

Herne Bay men visited Whitstable to play the National Top Club competition with Bay winning 3 events (Singles, Triples and 4’s) to 2 events (2 wood and pairs) to progress to the next round where Bay will be at home to Gateway.

In the East Kent Mixed Triples league, Bay had a fine 36 shot win over Canterbury. Winning 4 and drawing 1 of the 6 triples gave Bay 6 ½ league points.

Bay won 3, drew 1 and lost 2 of the 6 rinks played at home to VCD Retired.  The best winning rink being Cath Watson, Steve Caruth, Danny Keleghar and Tony Rowson  by 22 shots.

Bay won 8 of the 10 mixed triples played against Thanet with a resounding 51 shot victory. The best winning triple was Sylvia Sweeting, Mike Head and Bob day by 17 shots.

Bay won the away match at Dane Park by 37 shots winning 3 and drawing 1 of the 6 triples.

Longstraton Bowls club from Norfolk visited the Bay and were beaten by 15 shots, with rink honours shared 3 each. Robin Woollams, Maureen Tobutt, Roy Chillingworth and Alf Collar had an 11 shot victory.

Bay Ladies had an outstanding 64 shot victory at home to Whitstable winning 5 of the 6 rinks played. John Offer, Lyn Phillips and Jim Watson won by 17 shots.

Although they won 2 of the 3 triples played at Chislet the Bay ladies went down by 12 shots overall. The following day they visted Deal and although the triples were shared 2 each Bay won overall by 27 shots thanks mainly to the 32 – 5 win for Sylvia Sweeting, Marian Algar and Joyce Whitlock.

Herne Bay 121 Canterbury 85 (East Kent Mixed Triples League)
Derek Lucas, Linda Charlesworth, Ray Day 22-13 Dawn Harris, David Knight, Paul Evans 12-15 Marian Algar, Stuart Emert, Brian Dennis 23-13 Jan Remmington, John Phillips, Jim Watson 23-19 Lyn Phillips, Ray Chipperfield, Bill Robb 12-12 Joyce Whitlock, Richard Remmington, Brian Gisby 29-13

Herne Bay 123 VCD Retired 96 (mixed match)
Brenda Bridges, John Offer, Jean White, Dawn Harris 18 – 18 Diane Melford, Sheila McDowell, John Dryland, Stuart Emert 20 – 14 Pat Baldwin, Paul Reddock, Lyn Phillips, Jeff Graham 22 – 10 Jan Starkey, Ronnie Phillips, Colin Hadlow, John Toms 17 – 19 Diane Wiltshire, Pauline Hougham, Richie Callanan, Jim Covill 19 – 30 Cath Watson, Steve Caruth, Danny Keleghar, Tony Rowson 27 - 5

Herne Bay 185 Thanet 134 (mixed match)
Sylvia Sweeting, Mike Head, Bob Day 29-12 Tony Ongley, Gill Baker, Paul Evans 12-11 Vicky Lewis, Trevor Hutchins, Tony Rowson 14-11 Jan Starkey, John Phillips, John Melford 17-13 Sue Grogan, John Dryland, Jim Covill 13-16 John Rawlings, Linda Charlesworth, Jim Watson 22-13 Diane Wiltshire, David Brice, Peter Gibson 28-13 Mike Collins, Edie Nicholls, Jeff Graham 16-10 Lyn Riches, Paul Reddock, Ray Chipperfield 14-16 Brenda Bridges, John Grogan, David Knight 20-19

Dane Park 83 Herne Bay 120 (Mixed match)
Pat Knight, John Goddard, John Toms 17-20 Val Keleghar, Derek Hewitt, Peter Gibson 26-11 Sylvia Sweeting, John Phillips, Bill Robb 17-17 John Offer, Lyn Phillips, Jim Watson 26-9 Cath Watson, Mike Trotter, Paul Evans 12-14 Mauren Tobutt, George Johnson, Stuart Emert 22-12

Herne Bay 119 Longstraton Tourists (Norfolk) 104 (Mixed match)
John Rawlings, Harry Algar, Jean White, Jim Watson 19-21 John Offer, Ronnie Phillips, John Phillips, David Knight 17-18 Vicky Lewis, Sheila McDowell, Colin Tobutt, Stuart Emert 16-19 Robin Woollams, Maureen Tobutt, Roy Chillingworth, Alf Collar 26-15 Diane Wiltshire, Sam Hardy, Marianne Offer, John Melford 22-16 Doreen Woollams, Steve Caruth, Tony Ackland, Richard Remmington 19-15

Herne Bay Ladies 141 Whitstable Ladies 77

Marian Algar, Gill Baker, Pam Head, Lyn Phillips 25-14 Pat Baldwin, Pat Knight, Edie Nicholls, Joyce Whitlock 14-11 Maureen Tobutt, Cath Watson, Sheila McDowell, Dawn Harris 18-13 Vicky Lewis, Pauline Hougham, Jean White, Barbara Morris 17-20 Val Keleghar, Diane Wiltshire, Ronnie Phillips, Linda Charlesworth 24-14 Sylvia Sweeting, Jackie Sewell, Marianne Offer, Rose Penniall 43-5

Chislet Ladies 54 Herne Bay Ladies 42

Pat Knight, Diane Wiltshire, Pam Head 20-18 Diane Melford, Pat Baldwin, Marianne Offer 5-20 Val Keleghar, Maureen Tobutt, Sheila McDowell 17-16

Deal Ladies 55 Herne Bay Ladies 82
Sylvia Sweeting, Marian Algar, Joyce Whitlock 32 – 5 Maureen Tobutt, Edie Nicholls, Dawn Harris 16 – 17 Pauline Hougham, Jean White, Lyn Phillips 22 – 14 Diane Wiltshire, Marianne Offer, Gill Baker 12 - 19